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    "Sally-Page is my vocal coach and musical therapist. I just wanted be be able to sing a few fun songs for karaoke and family get-togethers and to work on my chorus numbers for musical theater, but she noticed I wasn't exhaling one day. She had me sing something good for me spiritually instead of the song we had scheduled, and so changed the outcome of a painful chapter of my life. She now has me singing in Italian. What fun"

    Mike Cravens


    "I have good news!! I got accepted into AMDA!!!! and I want to thank you for everything all of your guidance has helped me!!"

    Natalie Brook


    "How do I love voice lessons with Sally-Page Stuck?  Let me count the ways:  I love the way they make my speaking voice sound for acting and stand up, and  I love it that I have booked more gigs with my new and improved 'velvet voice.'  That's two ways.  Now, if I could just find a lady to serenade"

    Hugo Potts


    "Thank you so much for helping the choir to present a surperb musical.  Thanks for sharing your talent in such a manner that I haven't witnessed before.  I am not a singer, but felt so comfortable to do my best because of  the manner in which you approached everything. I think it was very encouraging"

    Matry S., First C.M.E. Church


    "You were wonderful. Thank you very much."

    Molly B., Pollaro Media


     Sally is so wonderful to work with. I appreciate her enthusiasm and love of life. She is not only inspiring but "uniquely talented." If you have not heard this beautiful woman sing, you are missing out!! 

    Amber Arnold


    "Sally-Page Stuck is the most genius person in whole world!!!!! The best singing voice you've ever heard as well as being the best chef in whole land!"

    Pam Hughes